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About Tanzania


The "Media" is the collective term for Radio, Television, Magazines and Newspapers. Media play a vital and influential part in daily life in Tanzania. They inform and educate, question challenge and they entertain.

Tanzania also has many privately run media outlets, for example more than 20 daily newspapers, more than 20 television stations and more than 30 FM radio stations like Radio One, Kiss FM, Radio Sibuka- Shinyanga, Radio Faraja -Shinyanga, Radio Times, Radio Saut-Mwanza,Radio Sauti ya Injili-Moshi,Living water FM-Mwanza, Radio Tumaini, Radio Sauti ya Quran, Magic FM, Praise Power Radio,Radio Mwangaza-dodoma,Kifimbo Fm-Dodoma, Radio Maria, Radio Upendo, Wapo Radio, Mlimani Radio, Clouds FM,Morning Star FM, Passion FM ,Radio Free Africa, Times FM and Choice FM. Some of the private radio stations and newspapers are owned by political parties like the Uhuru newspaper and the Radio Uhuru FM Radio remains the most widespread and popular tool of communication in Tanzania as it can overcome problems of distance, illiteracy and language diversity better than any of the other media. Just as for the print, the electronic media is increasingly opening up for de-regulazation and privatization in Tanzania and the general framework of the electronic media is being redefined.

However, the broadcast media particularly TV are still kept under strict controls by the government through the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA). There are seven local television stations these controls somehow limit the freedom of media as far as coverage area and language use is concerned. Today the electronic media in Tanzania are not allowed to broadcast in tribal languages and their coverage area is limited to only 25 per cent of country land area for each medium. Television Zanzibar known as (TVZ) was the first colour TV station in Africa, The Daily News is the oldest newspaper and is state-run, as are the public broadcasting service television TVT, now Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC1) and radio networks of Radio Tanzania Dar es Salaam RTD [now TBC Radio] and Sauti ya Tanzania Zanzibar (STZ). Since 2007 the state owned television station popularly referred in Swahili as Televisheni Ya Taifa TVT, now Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation TBC and Radio Tanzania Dar-es-Salaam RTD are now both under the umbrella of Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation. Other popular TV stations include, Star TV, ITV, and Channel 10 etc.